Tuesday, June 6, 2006

bad chess players

Jews are considered good chess players, strong in abstract thinking, able to see how various moves can result in possibilities. I guess those in public office here in Israel have mutant genes.

I could go on forever about the political and security mistakes; you can read that on this blog in other posts. But what concerns me this June 6, when summer has barely begun, that those in charge of our electric supply haven't planned and built enough power stations.

Just a few years ago, you rarely saw a fan even in the hottest of homes, and the idea of one in the hilly regions, like Jerusalem or Shiloh, was laughable. Today, the fan is a joke and even up here in the mountains air conditioners are becoming the norm. The only problem is that there isn't enough electricity supply. Already at least one person was killed, due to the power shortages. And as I said, it's only the beginning of June.

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