Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Why wasn't THIS on CNN?

Terrorists Threaten to Butcher Kidnapped Teenager on TV

I'm holding fort at my daughter's to babysit, and she gets CNN, which we don't. All they reported was Israel's invasion of Gaza.

For that reason, we all, everyone of us, has a job and that's to publicize the Arab cruelty and violence.


Smooth said...

Count me in. I've just written about the kidnapping, the PLO and the Muslim hackers who went after 750 Israeli websites over the past 72 hours. Swing on by.

Batya said...

Thanks Smooth,
I didn't know about the hackers.
My kids are nervous wrecks about my "tremping."

yitz said...

Not to mention that he was already dead on Sunday, as we found out this morning...Hashem Yikom Damo!!!

Batya said...