Saturday, June 10, 2006


I'd like to think that the Israeli Government coalition is about to break, but Olmert's wily and stubborn. It's not going to be easy for us to get a better government. Now it's being said that Labor is unhappy about Ronnie Bar On's appointment as the government's representative on the Judges Selection Committee, saying that the position was promised to Labor under the coalition agreement. Olmert knows that Labor will do, or should I say swallow anything, just to stay in.

Peretz isn't capable of running the country nor competing with Olmert. He's having enough trouble staying friendly with his own Knesset members. He's discovering that national politics is a lot more difficult than closing down the country's ports and airport with strikes, which don't help your "man in the street."

Defense Minister Peretz can't even defend his own city of Sderot. At least 16 Qassams fired early Saturday toward Sderot, other western Negev areas; member of Hamas' armed wing says, ‘next time rockets will be longer in range; they will hit places deeper inside Zionist entity’

The worst thing is that there is no parliamentary opposition. We saw that in the budget vote.
Knesset plenum passes 2006 budget by a large majority

So all I can say is:
Keep that government cracking!

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