Saturday, June 17, 2006

more on hitchhiking

re: the hitchhiking question
Since the attempted abduction of two teenage girls on Thursday, the media and airwaves, and everyplace people meet seem to be reverberating with the question "to hitch or not." In most cases, it seems like those who don't "tremp" (the Hebrew for hitching) are the most opposed to it. Those of us who for whatever reasons "tremp" a lot, are confident that we're continuing. There were a number of letters on our shilohgroup mail about it. This is my favorite. I received permission to publish it, but since it wasn't clear if the writer wanted to sign it, I'll save the name until it's clarified.

Erev Shabbat Kodesh

Sidrat Shilach 5766

I disagree with all those who are against hitchhiking on the main
roads. We and our kids should continue to do so. % wise - it is much more
dangerous to drive in a car anywhere in Aretz - more people have died in
vehicle accidents than in all our wars. Have you stopped using vehicles ?

"Kasat" transliterated into English from the Hebrew Street language
abbreviation is a national pastime. Our gov't and army will always be able
to say - as you are saying, we warned you. When we gave into plastic
windows on our cars instead of demanding proper protection - we did
ourselves in. From there, the road was short to bullet protected windows,
by - pass roads, fences, walls + and geirush (expulsion/exile.)

Sidrat Hashavu is Shilach. " Haeem b'Mivstarim oh b'Machanim ?" Moshe
Rabbeinu asks the miraglim to check. And Rashi says - if they live in
walled cities they are afraid and if in camps they depend on their strength.

I am for continuing to hitch - hike and protect yourself. Those who don't
have neshek (weapon,) buy a knife and or spray for yourself and our kids.

Chazak v'Nitzchazeik b'Ad Artzeinu

Shabat Shalom

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