Monday, June 26, 2006

another something new

Jewish blog surfing is getting even easier with another listing, It doesn't rate them like The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network . I think that they're both pretty new and very extensive.

I have a funny feeling about it, as if our small Jewish blogging village has suddeny become a large city. Or were we always a large city, and I was just used to our little friendly neighborhood?

Being involved in Havel Havelim for over a year, hosting every couple of months, I thought that I had a finger on the pulse as the saying goes. Apparently, I was wrong, or I'm just not in that group of (are they young) innovators and computer/internet experts?

As an old savta, bubby, granny (take your pick), I'm just happy to kvell at the growth of the Jewish blogging family I'm part of.

Ken yirbu, gezunte heit!

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