Friday, June 16, 2006


There are a few things that we just shouldn't take lightly, even me who usually finds it easy to joke and mock. Our country's in danger! The State of Israel's very existence is in danger. The Prime Minister and movers and shakers are in a manic frenzy, like some bulimic anorexics, convinced that they're burdened with unnecessary and dangerous fat.

Tiny Israel, surrounded by over twenty Arab States, looks in its distorted mirror and thinks it must reduce.

Map from: Israel Science and Technology
The Arab nations are represented by 21 separate countries (see Table). There is
only one Jewish nation with a tiny country, Israel. The combined territories of
Arab countries is 650 fold greater than Israel (see map above comparing size of
Israel versus those of Arab countries). Their population is 50 fold greater than
Israel. The average per capita GDP in Arab countries is $3,700 versus $18,000
for Israel. This despite the fact that many Arab countries have world's richest
oil resources.

The Arabs keep repeating very clearly that they want us destroyed, but Israel, cheered on by the rest of the world, keeps trying to pacify them with "gifts."

Just last week, the Israeli Government gave weapons to the Arabs, which the Arabs then pledged to use against Israel! Sick, yes?

Despite the blitz of rockets and bombs the Arabs are constantly launching on southern Israel,

Five Kassam rockets were fired towards Israel over the night, from different areas of the Gaza Strip, and two more later this morning. Of the first five, two fell in the westernmost point of the Negev - near Kerem Shalom, south of the Egyptian-Gaza border city of Rafah - while another one smashed into a field well to the north, near Sderot. Two others landed in Gaza itself. No casualties or damage was reported.

Today's two rockets were of concern, in that they landed deeper into Israel than most others. One of them hit a greenhouse in Moshav Shuvah, just before the workers were about to show up. Shuvah, near Kfar Maimon and five kilometers west of Netivot, is over six kilometers (four miles) from Gaza - about twice the distance from Gaza to Sderot.
Israel is countering with words:

Ramon: Halt rockets, or we will hit Gaza harder

That's a joke for sure. We've all lost count of the times Israeli politicians haves made that kind of threat. And what is Sderot resident and Israel Defense Minister concentrating on? What is endangering the country so seriously that it's his priority to work on? Could it be those who are launching rockets at his very own neighborhood? No, mah pitome! Don't be silly! Taking care of the terrorists is not important according to Peretz's priorities. He's too busy planning how to destroy more Jewish communities and exile more innocent Israeli citizens from their homes. This of course is instead of protecting Israeli citizens from Arab rockets and Arab terrorism. He is trying to reduce the size of our tiny country and give the Arab terrorists the crucially important strategic mountain range, so they can aim their weapons more easily at Jews. (G-d forbid!!!) As a result we won't be able to defend ourselves, nor develop our country.

And all that the army can do about the girls who were attacked yesterday is blame the victims. IDF commander calls for hitchhiking ban
Why can't we roam our Homeland freely? Why are we supposed to stay locked up? Lock up the terrorists instead!!

And just one more thing for all of those who believe that we have to flee from the demographic threat of the Arabs: Last update - 08:19 16/06/2006 Fertility rate among Israeli Arab women steadily declining


Esser Agaroth said...


...And let us not forget Iran, which you correctly did not include in the Arab threat. But, you're right. We have plently of problems much closer to home.

BTW, I like the new heading design. My apologies if it's not so new. It's the first time I've seen it. Looks very good!

Batya said...

I know that I've been ignoring Iran. We just have so many other problems.

And thanks! It is new.