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Monday, December 12, 2005

I Confess!

*updates at end

Gevalt! I was tagged by Soccer Dad to play "I confess meme."

I confess...that I'm not too sure what to do. How many confessions?
I confess...that I waste too much time on the computer!
I confess...that I check my "hits and visits" to see if anybody has been reading my blogs.
And yes, I confess...that I have a few blogs.
I confess...that I hate housework.
I confess...that I eat too much, as anybody who has ever seen me can verify.
I confess...that all I ever really wanted to be was a mother, and Baruch Hashem, bli eyin haraa, we have five kids.
I confess...that I'm starting to enjoy crocheting, and if I could do it simultaneously with blogging...
I confess...that if any of my kids have "hyper tendencies," they must have gotten it from me.

And I confess...that I'm having trouble deciding whom to tag, and I hope nobody gets angry...

So here goes: Jameel, Shemittah Rediscovered, Willow Tree and last but not least, my husband. How many other blogging couples are there?

Have fun!

****and the good news is that Shemitta Rediscovered and Jameel and willow tree and even my husband have already confessed! That was pretty quick, 100%. I wish the electician would show up already; he said he'd be here an hour ago.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...



Batya said...

Great going!

Dana said...

I laughed with you at the confessions. I wonder if there is a blogger out there who does not check regularly to see if there are any new readers!

Tovya @ Zion Report said...

well, you'll be happy to know jameel at the muqata tagged me next, and although i was happy to oblige him, i wasn't able to tag anyone else. i had just gotten tagged by israel perspectives for a different meme a few days before, and i didn't have the heart to tag my "regular victims" again.

Batya said...

Do you really check? The trouble-shooter at blogpatrol says that I'm the only one who reports quirks. They've even fixed things just because I had asked!