Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bush, Jr and Sharon

I first came across this very revealing article about the present President Bush in the paper Newsweek magazine. It contrasts him with his father, in that his father was more open, consulting with many of various and conflicting opinions. The young President Bush only abides "yes men," and his staff strictly controls access.

President Bush equates agreement with loyalty, very similar to Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. What many consider dictatorial, they feel are fine. Sharon fired top government ministers who voted against Disengagement, even though the plan totally contradicted his election campaign and coalition guidelines.

I had been wondering why they got along so well. They are kindred souls.

G-d help us.


Unknown said...

No offense, but considering what Newsweek has been writing about Bush these days, they're easily the worst source of info about his inner circle there is.

Batya said...

If you say so. I don't have too many sources.

Soccer Dad said...

I'd second Ezzie. Trusting Newsweek on Bush is like trusting Ha'aretz on Bibi.