Sunday, December 4, 2005

Bibi Wishes!

We checked this out, and it's a Bibi trick. Bibi is hoping and wishing, but Uzi is still running. Uzi's staff is now contacting Arutz 7 to complain.

According to Arutz 7:

Channel 10:
MK Uzi Landau Ducking Out of Likud Race in Favor of Netanyahu

20:23 Dec 04, '05 / 3 Kislev 5766
( MK Uzi Landau, according to Channel 10, is bowing out of the race for Likud chairman, defering to former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Landau has, in the past, criticized Netanyahu for remaining in the government through the entire process leading up to the expulsion of Gaza and northern Samaria's Jews.Netanyahu left
the government days before the Disengagement's implementation, saying he wanted the history books to record his opposition. He refrained from attempting to thwart the plan's implementation, however.Landau's backing out of the race leaves Moshe Feiglin as the only candidate that did not have a part in the expulsion of Gaza's Jews. Feiglin also opposes a Palestinian state, in accordance with the Likud Party's platform.

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