Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Rotten apples, worse than bad ones

I was planning on going to sleep already, but before turning off the computer, I just checked the news, just for a second

And here I am, I shouldn't be surprised but I am. Bibi, SS and Katz and the rest of the ragged remnants of the Likud elite are trying to find a way to pass some by-law to prevent Moshe Feiglin from running on the Likud list. Read this! Basically, in simple words they're scheming to disenfranchise over 12% of the dues-paying Likud members.

Look this isn't the time to rehash the pros and cons of Feiglin's tactics. I'm being very simplistic and focused here. He's a member of the party who brought in thousands more. His arrest was political, just like the anti-Disengagement arrests this summer. He was prevented from running for the Knesset last time, because there's supposed to be a "cooling off period" between his "crime" and being an MK. Not even his detractors can accuse him of being a thief, cheat or any of the charges being brought against MK Minister Izak Herzog or MK Minister Tzachi Hanegbi or MK Omri Sharon and other "distinguished" or kosher according to Bibi politicians.

If I'm not mistaken, some of my friends, who had been supporting Uzi Landau until he fizzled and latched onto Bibi, are joining him to work for Bibi. This is a mistake, and Bibi's conspiring against Feiglin is a strong indication that he will lean left if elected Prime Minister, like he did last time. If Bibi had a strong nationalist pro-Eretz Yisrael ideology he would want Feiglin in to lend him support. If Bibi sees himself as (or plans on being) the "right-wing" of the Likud, we're in trouble, deep trouble.

MK Ruby Rivlin, the Knesset Speaker, complained of bad apples in the Knesset as forty members are in legal trouble for criminal acts. When you're dealing with a third of the country's legislature, things are bad. And these same guys are trying to keep Feiglin out. All I can think of is that they're afraid of him; they want to shut him up. That means we need him in the Knesset.

I hate to say this, but Feiglin hasn't a chance. Both Bibi Netanyahu and Sylvan Shalom are working together against him. Maybe he should let go of his dream and join the National Union


Anonymous said...

First of all, there is no democracy here. My ex-Russian see through the current political situation. Before the primaries, some likudniks wanted Feiglin out, and now the rest will gang up on him. Why? Because as opposed the the rest of the Likud, Moshe is in it for the long haul. He knows you can't build Rome in a day, and that good things come to those who wait for others to screw up.

As for Bibi, his future and credibility:

Yesterday, the head guru at Globes (Israel's business daily) called for Bibi to make the right choice as Sharon has and to stop being so 'right'. He suggested an idealogical change in order to broaden the Likud electoral base. He even went on to describe about Bibi - 'Bibi's connection with the right-wing was never clear - man of the the world, intelligent, talented, modern - what exactly does Bibi have in common with the delirious Feiglins?' (Replace 'Feiglins' with religious-right people and you get more demagoguery from the left-wing elitists)

Mati Golan - Globes (hebrew) Dec 20

Today, surprise, surprise, Bibi does not disappoint. If in the past, he had excuses for his participation in the Wye and Hebron fiascos (like he was forced, or that he was merely filling aggreements of his predecessors), well today he wasn't denying anymore and actually painting himself as one who managed successful negotiations with the Palestinians and I signed responsible thought-out agreements'.

'Hevantem'? Bibi is now friend of the 'real right'. Immediately after winning, he decided 'Sharon-esque' to automatically make Silvan is number two, something forbidden in the Likud constitution which requires primaries for all other ranks. Silvan supported the expulsion. Silvan and Bibi will join up with Sharon after the elections because there is no reason for them to be in the opposition.

Anonymous said...

Sharon's health
medical secret?

Stroke experts skeptical of claims Israeli PM in 'excellent condition'

Some are saying that this whole 'stroke' was a brilliant tactic to steer media time from the Likud primaries. It worked. Much time was 'wasted' dealing with the drama around Sharon then with the free publicity that leadership primaries bring to a party (like the Labour enjoyed a few weeks ago). Brilliant. The difference in prognosis, the difference in info released to the media in Israel and overseas, the secrecy and temporary fortification of the Haddasah hospital - a lie has legs, this looks like one and the near future will tell. In the meantime, Sharon is getting free publicity off of this.

Batya said...

thanks, Josh

yitz said...


Yesterday, Arutz 7 had it that Rav Motti Elon was going to head a unified NU-NRP party, and they were projected to win 24-36 seats in the upcoming election.

Today, it's all off, R. Elon wasn't right-wing enough for NU [okay, he may be more moderate, but he's still R. Benny Elon's brother!!!]. No unity, no 36 seats, back to 3-4 for Mafdal, maybe 10-15 for NU.


Anonymous said...

The 24-36 seats was definitely not projected for a combined NU-NRP. But rather all religious parties. My take on it is that it doesn't matter who wins or not. The knesset will not bring our redemption, at this pace.

The haredim will not unite with us 'mizrachim' because we are trief to them. They do not consider themselves 'Israeli' as we do, and frankly, what do they see they have in common with us - being Jewish and wearing a kipa? Nothing else. Unity is our dream, not their's. Even a Shas and Aguda union is far-fetched since both of those leaders do not currently feel threatened enough to compromise and join up, they are fine playing the fence for their own interests. NU is three parties: tekuma, effie eitam's party, and moledet. Do not forget that Moledet is not a religious party. Also. the haredim are not right-wing and they have proven that it's not possible to label them with right or left labels either.

Besides the fact that mafdal and NU were already in the government and what happened? Besides Arie Eldad, they all basically allowed the expulsion to happen since the 9000 Jews were not worth making sacrifices for. Noldman(NU) actually voted for the expulsion. What will help if we put them back in the government?

We want the 'Dream Team'.

We want the unity of all the 'religious' (and all 'Israel'), but it won't happen until there is a paradigm shift - a major event that will rock Israel onto a different level of thinking. A major event has to happen to get all of us, and all our 'leaders' to think differently.

Until then, nothing will change in the next ten years. The farce continues.