Thursday, December 29, 2005

Betar Reunion

No time right now for details, but we just came back from a Betar Reunion, North American Betarim living or visiting in Israel got together. The occassion was the dedication of the Jerusalem Elevator in the Menachem Begin Heritage Center, Jerusalem.

Barry and Sindy Liben of New Jersy, USA, donated it in honor of American Betarim and invited everyone to attend. BTW, Sindy is my husband's cousin.

For many of us we started the "festivities" in a less festive way. We went to Mt. Herzl to Eli Solomon's and Chuck Hornstein's graves. We've been doing this annually for 32 years, ever since they were killed in the Yom Kippur War.

Today we then went to the Begin Center. There was a very moving ceremony, mc'ed by my husband. Guest speaker was the most famous and successful American Betari in Israel, Misha Arens. Barry also spoke. Then we took turns seeing the elevator and then Chanuka candle lighting and some food.

Some of us had the kids and grandkids, which was very special.

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