Thursday, December 1, 2005

Nothing Like A Picture

I couldn't resist!

It says so much about Sharon, that fat guy writing all the rules.
For those who don't know Hebrew, he's shouting "Kadima!" "Forward!" the name of his new party.

Who would ever have predicted that such a thing would happen to us? For decades it was a "given" that he could never be elected Prime Minister. It makes you doubt all other "everyone knows that..."

Our upcoming elections will be the most exciting, interesting and important since the very first ones after the Israeli Declaration of Independence. I just hope that we will one day, finally be independent of all the international busybodies. We have to just look forward, which makes me so upset that Sharon's advisors took the name. So if I ever had the opportunity to name a political party here in Israel it would be "Atzma'ut!" "INDEPENDENCE!"

Thanks to the Hellersteins for emailing me the picture!


Anonymous said...

Atzma'ut was already used. Professor Ezra Zohar's movement of a couple of decades ago was for privatization before the word existed. He was a medical school professor who led the successful fight to abolish water rationing in the IDF. He was a maximalist on Eretz Yisrael and a secular participant in the founding of Gush Emunim. He sought to solve the religious-secular conflict by getting the state out of both religion and secular culture. He got about 5000 votes, one of which was mine.

Batya said...

Thanks for the reminder!