Wednesday, December 7, 2005

It feels like a death in the family

I'm referring to Tzachi Hanegbi's announcement that he was leaving the Likud and joining Arik Sharon's Kadima. For us, Tzachi's parents, Emanuel Hanegbi, Z"L, and Geula Cohen, one of the greatest women in Israeli history, have always been like close family. And we took pride in watching Tzachi's early political successes, from his days as student leader and opposition to the destruction of Yamit. And when we saw his precocious rise in the Likud party, it was like seeing a young cousin make a success out of himself.

My all-time favorite election ad was the TV one for the Likud, when Tzachi spoke, saying how people tell him that they love his mother want to vote for her T'chiya Party, and then Tzachi said:
"I also love my mother, but vote Likud."

I voted T'chiya, but I got a real kick out of hearing Tzachi announce on Israeli TV that he loved his mother.

We were at his wedding and other smachot.

In recent years I was upset to hear of his legal problems, the accusations of corruption. I kept trying to find excuses. I kept hoping that he was a true son of his parents, who had both been in the Lechi, Stern Gang, underground fighters against the British occupation of our Land.

This past year I finally admitted the truth. Tzachi is just an opportunist politician, with neither ideals nor morals. I'd see him on TV, devoid of the fire and idealism he once had. It saddened me. I feel so sorry for his mother, Geula, a fighter for Eretz Yisrael.

May G-d give her strength, and G-d willing, may her strength and idealism be inherited by her grandsons.

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Esser Agaroth said...


Oh Please! "Let's keep the land, but not kick out the Arabs."

Please correct me if I got that part wrong.

What kind of idiocy is that? Even many Leftists were not in denial about Israel's euphenismically labeled "demographic problem." They did things to egg it on, of course, but they were no longer in denial about it.

Let us not forget that Ge'ulah Cohen was,...let's just say, "highly instrumental" in having Rav Kahane's ZTz"L HY"D Ka"Kh Party outlawed. She and all of the other religious and nonreligious Mamlachtim are guilty of nothing less than of mesirah. They sold a kosher Jew and Talmid Hacham down the river, denied and continue to deny some fundamental Torah principles, and as a result -- well look at us. Need I say more?

Gee, what was the name of her assistant who actually drafted the legislation? His name currently eludes me, but I know I'll think of it one of these days....

"Lo nishkah welo nislah....",

You're right Batya. Tzahi HaNegbi is no longer ideologicly motivated. He's only thinking of himself.