Sunday, December 11, 2005


I'm starting to get nervous about the reality of an NRP-NU (National Religious Party-Nation Union) merger.

We would often be sorry if our wishes were gratified. - Aesop

If a man could half his wishes he would double his Troubles. - Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard

Actually I was looking for a quotation that went something like "beware of getting what you wished for," but I guess that these are close enough.

A number of years ago I asked one of my neighborhood rabbis how a family decides whose wishes are the ones obeyed in instances where two children disagree where a parent should be buried, in the instance where the parent hadn't made arrangements before hand.

The rabbi said that it was simply "whoever insisted harder and was the least compromising and weak got his wish."

I'm starting to feel that that is what will happen in the negotiations between the NRP and NU. And I hate to think that the NRP will dominate. According to Arutz 7, some NRP rabbis are planning to get involved. I just wonder whom they will be pressuring. I hope that they pressure the NRP to compromise and not the NU to give in. G-d willing the NU won't just become a "more open" NRP.


Robin Ticker said...

Shavua Tov!

I agree with you Batya. Let the National Union visit Hebron and stick to their guns (or ideology or whatever politically correct usage of words you choose).

Also please visit Shemittah Rediscovered. Thanks!

Batya said...

As we remain in suspense.
G-d willing