Wednesday, December 28, 2005

as reported

I was in suspense to see how the NY Times would report the Arab rocket attacks on Israel. The title,

Israel Strikes Northern Gaza and Lebanon
With Planes
gives a strange impression. I have this image of little kids throwing toy airplanes, or Japanese kamakzi pilots crashing their planes into American military, or did the editor want the readers to think of the Arab, yes, Bin Laden's terrorists are Arabs, pilots who crashed airplanes into the "Twin Towers" and the Pentagon on 9-11.

The paper is generous enough to mention that Arabs have been attacking both northern and southern Israel, but then they used that term,

"The Israelis and Palestinians trade fire almost daily,"
as if it's just a game, what's going on between Israel and the Arabs. The Arabs shoot rockets trying to murder, and Israel sends warnings in order to damage buildings but not injure people.

The "Times" article is carefully worded to make the Arab rockets appear harmless.

We know that it's not the "amateur" quality of the rockets that's protecting us, it's G-d.

"Palestinian militants have been launching homemade rockets aimed at Israel."

"The homemade Palestinian rockets are wildly inaccurate. But the militants have been able to move into the former Jewish settlements in northern Gaza, and the rockets are landing closer to Ashkelon, on Israel's southern coast. Rockets have landed recently near a kindergarten, a power plant and a fuel depot."

That sounds pretty close and very dangerous. Remember that Israel is a very tiny country.

Have a wonderful Chanukah, Chag Urim Sameach.

ps I wish that we didn't need all the miracles.


Living Journey said...

People confuse what they read in newspapers with the news.

A.J. Liebling

I find blogs to be more newsworthy lately.


Anonymous said...

I am very sick of the in-your-face enmity of the world. The only thing that can change that is Jews doing teshuva, coming back to G-d. Let's all get with the plan. This not only means the other guy who isn't wearing a head covering, but all of us. Are we learning Torah enough? Are we showing enough love for our fellow Jews? For Eretz Yisrael? For the universal values of the Torah in the world? Everybody get with the Big Plan!