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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Will they ever listen?

Not all that long ago, I wrote Teflon Terrorism, which deals in the absurdity of how most of the world, and even some Israelis, refuse to "read the writing on the wall," or should I say, recognize the blood splattered all over. How can they accept Arab terrorism when it's directed against Jews?

A recent poll shows that the Arabs favor terrorism directed against the United States and Europe. Do you think that it will change America's and Europe's attitude? Or will they become gluttons for punishment, like Israel?


yitz said...

It is truly amazing - how long do we haveta wait till we react the way we should??? I'm almost sick of saying/writing/etc,. these words.

Now that we have a 2-fronted war on our hands, will anything be different. Debka doesn't seem to think so:


As I always say, HEAVEN HELP US!!!

Batya said...

Most people don't care as long as it's not their street. No unity.