Monday, December 19, 2005

Never Dull, Is it?

Is there any country with more entertaining politics than Israel?

For those of us complaining of diminished memory, this is quite an exercise. Who can remember the political parties, the politicians in them and the various opinions they profess?

Is the NRP more Meimad, NU or the old Poalei Agudah with a colorful crocheted kippah?

Who's left in the Likud? And who will stay win or lose? Ahh hahh, that's a good question. Uzi Landau stopped his own run for Likud leader to support Bibi, refusing offers from the National Union, but now Bibi is rumored to be planning a new party if he loses to Sylvan Shalom. Then what will Uzi do?

Today's the Likud election for leader. All dues paying Likud members can vote. We have been members for years, starting pre-Likud, the old Cherut Party, led by Menachem Begin. When we first made aliya in 1970, the Jerusalem branch was headed by Chaim Korfu, who later became a Knesset Member and Cabinet Minister. Emanuel Hanegbi, Tzachi's father was also one of the bigshots there.

When they had elections for the Central Committee, he used to advise us whom to vote for. If we didn't have his advice, we just would have played "en den dino," the Israeli version of "eeny, meany, miny moe..." I used to change things a bit by trying to vote for all the females on the list and erasing the corresponding number of men. I didn't know anybody, so it was like a game.

In a sense it's still a game. We have no idea what surprises, usually horrendous ones, will be thrust upon us by those elected.

I guess it's all a matter of faith, faith and our doing everything we can. And then pray!


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