Friday, December 2, 2005

What has been swept under the rug...

It's election season, and what has been swept under the rug is being exposed to one and all. I'm even enjoying today's The Jerusalem Post, which is filled with all sorts of revelations.

Everybody has something to complain about. It's like those jokes about the conversations in an old age home.

You think you have trouble? Not only does the doctor only tell me bad news, I have to pay him for it, too!

My pain's stronger than your pain.

My kids are so bad, they even forgot not to call.

Suddenly corruption is seen and exposed all over.

Of all the nerve, they're actually crooks!
said Yossi Sarid

Yossi, nice to hear it from you, but we've known it for years.

I can't wait to hear what the former Labor Party members, now in Kadima will say about their old buddies. And I'm sure that those who stayed in Labor will have even dishier things to say about the "turncoats." And if they don't, you know what that means, they really are working together, trying to "monopolize the choices."

Well, just barely an hour and a half to Shabbat, and it's still Rosh Chodesh Kislev, which is a difficult day for us. It's the 32nd Yartzeit of an old friend of ours, Eli Solomon, killed by the Egyptians after the "cease fire." It's also our baby's birthday, so Happy Birthday Gannie!

and Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov to all of you


Anonymous said...

The Jerusalem Post articles (today, linked above) are a truly fascinating example of pre-election rhetoric.

As an American secular what caught my eye the strongest was this remark in the "second paragraph" below:

'Sheetrit asserted that, demographically, Israel was "losing" the Galilee and the Negev. "Thousands of homes" could be built there, he said. So "why race to live in all kinds of holes?... We don't need more settlements."

-"The minister, who noted that he had supported the Oslo accords and that he believes most Palestinians today want to make peace with Israel"-

QUESTION: With such a bizarre, arrogant and exaggerated claim as that; I wonder if Sheetrit is FRENCH?

TO ME that statement is so important. It is agitprop. Agitprop is a tactic but it always represents the strategy of a government. The Arab/Palestinians will want peace when Iran wants peace, when Syria wants peace and so forth. So from before 1948 and afterwards up to this moment in 2005 when have the Arab/Muslims in total wanted peace?

Yet this official, Sheetrit, represents such an absurd position. What does that mean to everyone?

John (a.k.a. postsoviet)

Batya said...

You're not going to believe this; many Israelis accept what Shetrit says.
pathetic and dangerous

Anonymous said...

Sad. Sad that people acquiesce to such contrivance.

I would say it is best to continue to engage them with facts, but not aggression, because they are peers and not the mortal enemy. Though I would surely never ever follow their lead.

There is a price paid to be even slightly outside of the mainstream belief (mainstream as dictated by authority; governments, industries) but there too is surely a price paid to be within the mainstream. Maybe memory loss or diminished perception? Whether concious or unconcious, between the two dispositions; Is a choice.

If many Israelis accept what Shetrit says then they are mimicking the acquiescence of the GOI to foreign power/s. That is human nature; go with the crowd, follow the lead. And that means, imo, one way or another, more concessions in the future or at the very least more psychological torment with the threat of such things from "authorities." The pattern has to be there for a reason.

I keep getting the feeling that GOI, US, French, Saudi, Etc. officials are expressing loyalty to some-thing. Too many on the same page not to be in agreement with or submission to something.

(I know it is ironic that One implies that they (Governments) are submiss to something when we are discussing how people submiss to governments. I guess if it was all so simple then we would be talking about other things.)

Anonymous said...

...I guess if it was all so simple then we would be talking about other things.)

6:28 PM

John (postsoviet)