Saturday, December 17, 2005

Big Time!

Big Time!

Israel's hitting the Big Time in the race to be among the most corrupt countries in the world! According to those doing the ranking, Israeli is being held down, because

"Israel as a state cannot be corrupt as long as the accepted
norms reject corruption"

I guess that the people doing the ranking don't really know much about Israel. How could they be so naive? I guess they never heard about Flatto-Sharon!

September 3, 1977: Samuel Flatto-Sharon, attempting to stave off deportation orders to face criminal charges in France, wins a Knesset seat with a promise to pay anyone who votes for him. He gets 11,493 votes.
September 4, 1977: 83,303 people swear they voted for Flatto-Sharon and demand payment. Flatto-Sharon is disgusted and says: "What kind of country is this?"
Sam Orbaum (the late Sam Orbaum always had a funny angle, but the truth is that a French-Jewish crook, new to Israeli politics got enough votes for a seat)
I kid you not!

It's almost like, ok, lehavdil, very different, the story of how our forefather Yitzchak favored his son Esau, the hunter, over Yaakov, the studious.

Israelis really seem to be in awe of dictators. Remember, that the left-wing kibbutzim in Israel adored Stalin and mourned his death.

I still can't figure out why Israel's media and many politicians weren't repulsed in every sense of the word, by the terrorist, Arafat.

Why are so many people flocking to join Arik Sharon? It's clear that he's a dictator. He fired ministers who didn't agree with him. He's one of those bullies whom people gather around. All I can think of is that they're so afraid of him that they want to stay on his good side for protection.


Esther said...

Interesting hypothesis. Why did I read that 49% of Israelis are okay with dividing Jerusalem for peace? Gotta love Israel but it doesn't mean it isn't filled with a bunch of whack jobs. Why should they be immune? The US can't have all of them. ;)

Batya said...

Too many people are desparate for "peace," for love, even if it's false.

There are also polls saying that the vast majority of Israelis would get rid of all the Arabs, "if the international bodies wouldn't mind."

They care what others think, rather than what's good for us.