Friday, September 2, 2005

witnesses needed

I'm making an exception to my general rule not to publish articles here, because I think that this is very important, so I'm not even putting up a link. Witnesses are needed to give first hand testimony of police brutality. So, please, if you saw these attacks, or know people who did, please contact the numbers listed.

Tizku B'Mitzvot and Shabbat Shalom

Civil Rights Group Seeks Witness to Police Brutality

01:16 Sep 02, '05 / 28 Av 5765
( The civil rights group in Judea and Samaria is looking for witnesses of police brutality in several incidents during the struggle against the expulsion plan. It also has requested people inform them of other complaints of excessive force used by police and soldiers.

It is looking for witnesses to incidents at the Morasha junction near Tel Aviv on June 29 when police are accused of beating a 22-year-old man, beatings of people who were held in a police bus at the Erez blockade August 15, brutality at the Dekel prison on August 16 and the beating of a bearded man at the Kisufim crossing on August 14.

Witnesses also are sought in the following incidents:
road block at the entrance to Jerusalem on August 8,
beating of a young blonde-headed girl at the Be'er Sheva prison August 16,
the nighttime attacks on protestors at the Gamma junction August 16-17 when one man was hospitalized for serious injuries,
beatings at Ne've Dekalim August 17,
Plugot junction August 18
and brutality on several dates at Bilo junction
and at the entrance to Jerusalem.

The civil rights group can be contacted at 0544-506536 and at

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