Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Please support Arutz 7

All of us whose articles are published on Arutz 7 were requested to let you know about the raffle. Personally I really count on Arutz 7 for my news. If you read my posts here, you've noticed how many times I've referred to something on the Arutz 7 site. I also know some of the people who work on the news team, and they're the people I call if I need some information. And if you were about to ask, "No, I don't get paid." Also I've never been to Eilat, seriously, it's true, so I wish I had a chance to win this raffle.

Good luck!

You have read my articles on Arutz Sheva, now help support this terrific news service by entering Arutz Sheva's Free Raffle:
"Sheva Ways to Win" featuring 7 fabulous Prizes.

Grand Prize: 2 round-trip tickets to Israel and 7 nights in Eilat at the Isrotel King Solomon.
Can't see the graphic below?
Click here to enter the free raffle.

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