Sunday, September 18, 2005

This is the week that has begun

I took this off of the arutz 7 site. A picture says a thousand words.
Arutz 7 has a good update on the Disengagement victims. What can be said about rudderless people out of work, living out of suitcases at best. The way it looks to me, your ol' CPA's daughter, that the ones taking the government offers of new housing after 2-3 years paying rent in dollars for leaking shacks, that there won't be any money to buy the new houses. I haven't done detailed calculations, but people are best off looking to buy almost anything and get on with their lives. That's just my opinion. There are places, actually like Shiloh, with inexpensive housing that would be affordable even considering the penalty for buying in the Shomron. A handful of friends moving into the same neighborhood will give enough comfort, while a stable supportive community would do the rest.

During my parents' visit over a year ago, I took them to the Israeli Supreme Court for a dose of "nachas," joy to see their granddaughter, (one of my kids) in her lawyer's robe as one of the lawyers of the Israeli Movement for Quality in Government, who were trying to convince the judges that Ariel Sharon and sons had taken bribes. It was an impressive event, though the judges decided that the government's secret info made it all acceptable. Apparently the Austrians are willing to call a bribe a bribe.

One of the amazing things during this entire nightmare has been the strength of the kids, so enthusiastically going off to jail. It's like a badge of honor, and badges, or certificates will be given at a ceremony this Thursday. G-d willing all we be out of jail, and at least one will be attending something even better.


Cosmic X said...

Good cartoon!

Batya said...

Thanks, it's from arutz 7. Pictures say a thousand words.