Friday, September 30, 2005

Quick note

I just popped over in between cooking to send off the "dirty politics" post to my musings list. Yahoo won't sent to everyone all at once. And I checked "the news."

The usual annoying hypocrisy: What if any of us spoke about the less observant, the way Shinui's Avraham Poraz says:
Poraz opposed the prime ministerÂ’s efforts to entice the Shas hareidi (fervently-Orthodox) party to join the government, explaining Shinui would be a more natural partner. Poraz stated that all the achievements by him and his colleagues during their tenure in the
coalition were being thrown out the window by the prime minister now turning to the hareidi parties to strengthen his unstable coalition.

Why can the anti-religious spout such things without anyrepercussionss? There are just different rules for different people.

And more about the farcial fence, which won't increase security. This is one of the government's major "pork barrel" policies to enrich themselves and friends. Since, as I've mentioned before, the fence makes it impossible to observe what's going on in the area, it reduces security. The "businessmen" had cameras put up to try to compensate, but the cameras broke down and are too expensive to fix.

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