Wednesday, September 21, 2005

one of the "lucky" ones

Not all the Disengagement victims are in refugee camps and hotels. Some, not many, either had other property or managed to make their own arrangements.

Here's the latest report about one of thse "lucky" ones.

This family made a deal with someone they know to buy a small house near good friends. All of the compensation is supposed to cover expenses, more or less, but of course no money has been given the victims, so in the meantime, they have a "rental arrangement." OK, fair.

These people don't have a lot of money, so it was decided to only take what would fit in the minimal standard moving van provided, for hefty payment, of course, from the Disengagement Authority. The payment/charge is far more than if they had been able to get a regular mover, but since they needed the "Authority's storage facilities" for a few weeks until the new home was ready, they had no choice. Remember that none of these facilities are free. A lot of their possessions were just left in Gush Katif, because the movers couldn't fit it in the van.

Being middle-aged with grown kids, they moved around while the house was gotten ready. Luckily family members helped get the house ready.

Finally the big day, and they had their furniture and other household items brought from storage.

What do you think? Come on; it's pretty easy to guess. Yes, everything was broken, damaged, destroyed. Now they have to see what insurance they had. When they had been forced to leave, they were sad but willing to start over.

They never thought that starting over would be this bad.

And remember that these are the lucky ones.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

A tragic common story going around now: Ask any family which visited their belongings in storage (Ashdod, I believe). Almost everyone has horror stories of things disappearing, and the terrible callous way that things were dumped into storage.

I have to go and pay a visit on behalf of Neve Dekalim friends, who don't have the heart to see their stuff destroyed. (I helped them pack)

Ooof. Justice will be day.

Batya said...

Yes, keep that last thought in your mind. It's the most important thing to remember.