Sunday, September 4, 2005

Miss-Placed Help

Very noble, the MDA, Magen David Adom, has offered to help New Orleans victims. The United States is a very rich country. They can manage without Jewish help. What help have they offered the victims of Disengagement, the refugees of Gush Katif, the homeless and the infirm? Remember that the International Red Cross does not give full recognition to MDA.

Our people need our help in Israel.

There are thousands of new homeless. The government is lying about how well they are aiding the victims, and let's start using the word victims.

The goverment is making it impossible to take out necessary possessions from Gush Katif. That includes valuable hot houses and agricultural equipment.

First we take care of ourselves. Jewish charities in the states should help Jewish victims from New Orleans, but no more than that. And everybody should help the victims of Disengagement, since the world promoted it.


Ze'ev said...

I couldn't agree more.

I am conflicted as to whether I would even take it a step further. As a Jew in America, if one has a limited amount of funds to donate to a cause, which should take precedence right now:

1) Assisting the Jews who have been expelled from their homes in Gush Katif (our Jewish brothers and sisters).

2) Helping victims of hurricane Katrina?

I have always felt that Jews should always look out for each other 1st, and then, anything leftover can go elsewhere. On the other hand, for better or worse, these Jews are Americans - which loyalty should come 1st?

Batya said...

Think of the ones with the fewest means and the least help. The victims of the floods will get help; they weren't rejected by their country, while the victims of Disengagement are being lied to and persecuted by their government. They are restricted in choosing a new home, because they won't receive the same compensation if they go to Judea and Samaria, and they're being billed from that compensation for the temporary quarters, so by the time there's something to buy, they are broke.
That's besides the fact that no money has come in, but they must pay their old mortgages etc.

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

Before I make my main comment, I just noticed that there is to be an appeal to the bagatz [high court] about not giving the synagogues in Gaza to the "PA." Don't expect too much from this court that was aptly described as packing itself, since its members are essentially co-opted by the sitting judges. This is hardly democratic but our gurus of demokratziya here will tell us it is since a law was passed long ago setting up this system, and as for the Gaza expulsion, why, Sharon was democratically elected, therefore anything he does is demokratichesky, anything he does against Jews, that is, but if he acts against Arabs, well, that's anti-demokratichesky since Arabs are higher, more ethereal beings.
--Now to my main point -- we should go around with an attitude of "lo nishkahh v'lo nislahh." The so-called Left [at least the hard core] are not our brothers; they don't merely have another idea on how to achieve peace. They are our conscious enemies, much like the Vichyites in France hated much of the French people, and especially hated Jews. In this vein, did you see in Friday's JPost Magazine how some of your sisters in the Qibbuts Education system wanted to set up a new kind of school teaching peace, the environment, etc.? This is meant no doubt to be a Vichyite school for the purpose of further indoctrinating Qibbuts youth, bringing them to treason, and undermining Israeli society. Most likely, these broads are sponsored by inimical foreign institutions.

Batya said...

There's nothing Jewish in turning the other cheek.

We have to go on living but also cause them to repent.