Monday, September 19, 2005


There's a Carnival of the Insanities, and we're included. Not that we're insane, G-d for bid you shouldn't get the wrong idea.

What a world we live in. Everything is upside down.

Israel always enters the Eurovision International Song Contest. OK, sometimes the songs are horrendous, but sometimes they really are great. Because of "politics" Israel's chance of winning are basically nil, but a few years ago Israel did win. I'm sure that one of the main reasons was that the performer was a "self-castrated" male on female hormones. Of course the anti-Semites voted for the guy, er, it. They got such a kick out of the fact that a Jewish, not only Jewish, but Israeli male would do such a thing to himself. Very pathetic.


tafka PP said...

Actually Batya, Israel also won in 1978 and 1979 with Aba Ni Bi and Halleluya, neither of which were performed by a transexual. When we won 6 years ago, the commentators did not attribute Dana International's victory to the largely gay following of the contest, rather due to Israel celebrating 50 years of statehood that year. See? It isn't always Anti-Semitism!

Batya said...

Those previous first places were a while ago.
I generally don't agree with the commentators; my spin on it is more insiduous, sort of matching the success Holocaust Memorials have in raising money, in contrast to Jewish Education and scholarships for it.