Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Different Standards

This is such a "parve" wimpy title for a very strong serious issue.

I'm just wondering why the arson of more than twenty synagogues in Gush Katif is buried in a "New York Times" article, as if it's something totally acceptable and normal. Just read the headlines, the title of the article, and you can see that I'm not exaggerating.

Gazans Revel As They Sift Through Ex-Settlements

It sounds like some kids are innocently playing in the sand. That certainly doesn't fit the horrendous scenes of violence, looting and arson. And What if Jews Destroyed Mosques? Hillel Fendel of Arutz 7 says it well.

Yes, there are "different standards," if you can call the acceptance of such blatant anti-Jewish acts a "standard."

That's because it all boils down to "...and everybody hates the Jews."
Tom Lehrer, National Brotherhood Week

And here are the complete lyrics:

National Brotherhood Week
One week of every year is designated National Brotherhood Week. This is just one of many such weeks honoring various worthy causes. One of my favorites is National Make-fun-of-the-handicapped Week which Frank Fontaine and Jerry Lewis are in charge of as you know. During National Brotherhood Week various special events are arranged to drive home the message of brotherhood. This year, for example, on the first day of the week Malcolm X was killed which gives you an idea of how effective the whole thing is. I'm sure we all agree that we ought to love one another and I know there are people in the world that do not love their fellow human beings and I hate people like that. Here's a song about National Brotherhood Week.

Oh, the white folks hate the black folks,
And the black folks hate the white folks.
To hate all but the right folks
Is an old established rule.
But during National Brotherhood Week,
National Brotherhood Week,
Lena Horne and Sheriff Clarke are dancing cheek to cheek.

It's fun to eulogize
The people you despise,
As long as you don't let 'em in your school.

Oh, the poor folks hate the rich folks,
And the rich folks hate the poor folks.
All of my folks hate all of your folks,
It's American as apple pie.

But during National Brotherhood Week,
National Brotherhood Week,
New Yorkers love the Puerto Ricans 'cause it's very chic.
Step up and shake the hand
Of someone you can't stand.
You can tolerate him if you try.

Oh, the Protestants hate the Catholics,
And the Catholics hate the Protestants,
And the Hindus hate the Moslems,
And everybody hates the Jews.

But during National Brotherhood Week,
National Brotherhood Week,
It's National Everyone-smile-at-one-another-hood Week.
Be nice to people who
Are inferior to you.

It's only for a week,
so have no fear.
Be grateful that it doesn't last all year!


Marcel said...

Just more evidence of the farce called peace that the media needs to cover up. The lie of peace continues and men of dishonor who follow in the steps of Neville Chamberlain lead us into an even greater holocaust. They have embraced lies and made a covenant with hell and death. And soon we will reap what the fools have sown The Road Map which Israel has hitched her soul to will pay great dividens of death and destruction ,and not a kilogram of peace..... and yet Israel races forward to the abyss in a dance with those who are commited to her destruction. Israel cannot retaliate ,will not retaliate ,she has chose to become a slave in servitude to American interests and does not have permission to defend herself any longer.A nation of slaves once again who bow to the god of false peace on a far western shore.Sharon has run there to fill up on more delusion and lies.

Anonymous said...

Well put Batya. Sharon and his kind are living in a fools paradise if they refuse to see that this is what the Arabs have in store for everything Jewish in Israel. And for the rest of the world to apologize for the Arabs' (I can't even call them Palestinians because there never was a state called Palestine...there was a mandate called Palestine, but never a state) behavior is sickening. Your quote from Tom Lehrer was absolutely right on the mark..."everyone hates the Jews." We cannot trust the goyim.

Batya said...

Yes, Marcel

and Ido, I also don't use "that word," since by using it I'd legitamize a dangerous fiction.