Thursday, September 1, 2005

and in the same day's paper...

Yes, this must be written in "Times" font.

I couldn't believe these articles in today's New York Times. First I read with sickening outrage how obviously talented comedy writers are trying to pitch (sell) a sitcom about terrorists. Yes, funny things happen, and once they get to know America, they really don't want to destroy it. So far they haven't sold it, because especially after 9/11 and the recent terror attacks in London, the networks are too scared.

Then, the next article I read sounded like it could be an episode on the same show. That's if you have their sense of humor.


Esther said...

Have you checked out at all? The writer, Robert, has written movies and such and right now is trying to finish a script about terrorism. The feedback he has gotten about it has been ridiculous. I had a link to his article on Frontpage not too long ago. Hollywood is CLUELESS about what we're facing from Islamic terrorists. Interesting they hesitated... I'm surprised the idiots didn't jump at the chance to show terrorists as being capable of reforming.

Batya said...

After that article in the NY Times, who knows?