Sunday, September 11, 2005

Proud Parents

I spoke to some very proud parents today. They are the parents of the girl quoted in the Arutz 7 article:

One girl told the judge, "I request to add that the real trial date is in one month and all of us will be on trial [Rosh HaShanah - the Day of Judgment].
The country is the criminal and not us." She added that a court which rules according to Jewish law would conclude they did not transgress any law.

I don't think that her parents had ever realized that that they were raising such strong person, but those of of who know them aren't really surprised.

Many of their children were in Gush Katif, and although more than that one daughter now has an orange jail record, they've been very calm thoughout all this.

Almost all of the Shiloh kids have been released from jail. G-d willing the others will be home soon, and I'd like to thank the young heroine for the reminder. The Day of Judgement is coming, very soon. And we shouldn't look over our shoulder to see what others are doing. We should be looking inside of ourselves and repent.

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