Sunday, September 11, 2005

About Uzi Landau

Uzi's staff got a big feature into the Jerusalem Post Friday magazine. For those not in Israel, that's like a "Sunday paper," since there's no paper on Shabbat, when you read the big Friday one. I can't say that the article is very enthusiastic, but for me the most important part was the ending.

It's titled "Was Harry Truman charismatic?" which apparently was from a direct quote from Uzi, himself. Here's the end of the interview by Ruthie Blum.

It is said that because you lack charisma, your integrity won't
help you get elected.

Was Harry Truman charismatic? No.

Did he have integrity? Yes.

Did he not get to be president of the United States?

Now, if you know American history, you know that he's implying something that didn't happen. How did Harry Truman become President of the United States? He became president when FDR, Franklin D. Roosevelt died in office early in his fourth term. Harry Truman was only elected after already serving as president. And if he hadn't already proven himself as president, he most probably never would have had been elected. The polls were sure that he was to be defeated.

Since Uzi Landau is not Prime Minister, nor even close, he shouldn't take comfort in Harry Truman's victory. The situations are much too different. He's lying to himself and to us. I have trouble trusting those so easily caught in lies.

Actually, there's another U.S. presidential candidate he does remind me of, Adlai Stevenson. And Stevenson was twice defeated by Eisenhower.

I don't know who's funding Uzi's campaign, but I'm not impressed by it at all.

I'm supporting the Orange Front. I don't see enough integrity in the Likud. Ever since Begin's Camp David, Sinai withdrawal, it has gone seriously downhill.


Esther said...

Thanks for posting about this. Interesting stuff.

Batya said...

Thanks, at your service.

Anonymous said...

I just read in today's J. Post that (forgot his first name) Moskowitz, a millionaire is going to support Uzi Landau. Now maybe we'll start to see some action on his part to get himself to the public. I keep sending him all kinds of info but never get a response. I think he ought to open a web site (in Hebrew and in English). I am so frustrated - and angry - about having been bamboozled by Sharon. But all I see is apathy around me - the 'ma la'asot' syndrome. Shana Tova and Shabbat Shalom