Tuesday, September 6, 2005

At Work, from the first day...

Yesterday was my first day back at work. I'm an EFL (English as a foreign language) teacher in the yeshiva high school in Beit El. It's now part of the Bnai Akiva network of schools but is also still known as the Bnai or Mateh Binyamin school.

We have been sharing the same building with the junior high for about eight years, even before I joined the staff, but this is the first year that we have a united teachers room. So now when I arrive, the, mostly female, junior high teachers are still there, and the conversation and atmosphere are different.

Yesterday, the talk was of things not in the news, the cover-up of seriously traumatized young soldiers. Some are in psychiatric wards. They are disengaged from their "old selves" and can't function. The followed orders, and that's the result. They "took" families out of their homes and had immediate reactions.

This is only the beginning; it's a time bomb. The damage is hard to control, and everyone will react differently, exploding from different triggers.

This first batch is probably the luckiest, since the fresher the damage, the easier to repair.

Why didn't they just refuse? Jail would have been a lot less painful and damaging.


Marcel said...

Sadly ,they did it all for a false peace. A big lie pushed on Israel that her leaders and the majority fell for. The fog of darkness ,the lies and deception continue to take it's toll on Israel.
The light of truth is rejected ,IGNORED by Israel's brightest and best and the blind leaders continue to lead the nation into the pit with the same lies that were told to those who entered the extermination buildings for their final shower. It is evil to comfort Israel with lies of peace when they are being led to sure slaughter.
Read the article by Cale Hahan at Arutz Sheva titled 'America ,the Betrayer'

Batya said...

We have a major repair job to do.