Monday, September 5, 2005

Just another example....

One of the more despicable aspects of Disengagement, is how it was rushed through the system. Very little care was devoted to details. Considering how the polls consistently showed more and more opposition, it's clear that the government knew that if they allocated more time, they couldn't have pulled it off.

Yonatan Bassi, the well-paid, well-connected head of the Disengagement Authority, booms in his confident way bragging about what a swell job they did. Oh, those lucky people to be housed in hotels, as if they're in luxury suites in the King David or something. Oh, yes, of course they can bring their possessions, if they have the money to pay for containers and temporary furnishings, books, etc, until they have permanent housing. Of course there are schools for the children. Where? What a silly question, wherever they're living, or will be living or...?
Need I go on?

The latest is the sudden attention paid to the fate of the beautiful synagogues that had been built in Gush Katif. Amazingly, even the courts are paying attention this time.

Jewish Law has very clear instructions concerning buildings that were built for prayer. They are not to be destroyed. So now the court has to decide either against Jewish Law completely, or request from the US, UN to guard them or just wait for the news clips of the terrorists destroying them, like they've done so many times in the past.

We're waiting like the old "Perils of Pauline."

Who will be our hero, our leader? First, add your requirements, the characteristics of the LEADER WE NEED, NOW! Then we'll see who fits the bill.

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