Monday, September 26, 2005

More on Moze and Muse and how we see it all

Moze gave an additional introduction to our dialogue. I was in such a rush to the spa, which I'll describe on me-ander, when I get the chance, that I didn't take the time.

Moze said some interesting things. One, which I must disagree with, was that Israel lost the Yom Kippur War. I was here in Israel when it happened. My husband was about to leave the apartment, on Rechov Bayit V'Gan, Jerusalem, when the sirens sounded. So, lucky for me he was available to help me with the then two babies. We had to go down from our third floor walk-up to the shelter in the underground level. Then I was sent upstairs to the second floor to use my English to urge Bubby Willig, our elderly American neighbor, down to the shelter. Somehow I had to tell her it was dangerous, but safe in order not to panic her.

The war only lasted a few frightening weeks. Unlike the previous Israeli wars, Jerusalem was the safest place to be. From my vantage and others, it was our greatest victory. We weren't prepared at all. We lost lots of territory and soldiers in the beginning, but thank G-d we got back all the territory and more, and we won the war. Two friends from American Betar war killed. Chuck Hornstein was killed in the very early days or hours, and then later, after the cease fire with Egypt, the Egyptians killed Eli Solomon.

What saddens me in Moze's approach, and she admits it in her introduction, is that she doesn't have that optimism that I have. For me the best part of the sixties, which stays with me, is that confidence that we can change the world. I do have a strong dose of cynicism, but it flavors my humor, like in the Baile Rochels, which you can find on the me-ander sidebar. And I can get nasty, which my readers can testify, but I can see past the #$%#$ and see a wonderful future, whenever it will be.

Shannah Tovah!

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Robin Ticker said...


I am for unity. I believe in standing up for the Torah. It was my belief that Gush Katif should have declared that if you wish to disengage us we have no option but to declare our independance from you. If you do not wish to protect us then do not stop us and others from defending ourselves from Arab aggression. Let all the generals and soldiers come forth and come help defend us. We love our brothers and would do nothing to hurt them. But we will do whatever we must to defend ourselves from any aggression. Would this provoke a civil war. I don't believe so. Why would the State of Israel fight us? We are not asking them to protect us. Just let us be. We wish to live a life of Torah. The Torah speaks of the Covenant of Jacob, The Covenant of Isaac and the Covenant of Abraham. What are the points of the Covenant with our forefathers?
1. Land is promised to them and to their children afterwards 2. The Nations of the world are blessed through them and 3. the children must keep the commandments in order to be worthy of the Land.

We are the people of the Covenant.