Friday, September 9, 2005



Strange name for a man of ambition.

Yes, it's his nickname, the middle brother of three, Yoni, Bibi and Ido.

They were raised in two worlds, America and Israel, as their father's academic career determined their place of residence.

Who knows what Bibi the sandwich of the three would have attempted or gained, if he had remained the sandwich, but his charismatic elder brother, Yoni Netanyahu was killed in the otherwise successful legendary Entebbi rescue.

Like JFK, he was thrust into a different pair of shoes. JFK became an American President who was assassinated during his "honeymoon," before the American public got to know him and realize his true characteristics and talents. And even today, most people aren't interested in the truth of how he betrayed his wife and never succeeded in passing laws. His successor, LBJ, was the politician who put the legacy into law.

Apparently, when Bibi was a kid and periodically visited Israel, he didn't get along with the local kids, and they were still after him when he was Israeli Prime Minister a few years ago. It was not a successful reign. He'd make a much better actor. Bibi's public and media appearances are far superior to his day to day political functioning.

Prime example is his fleeing to the states upon resignation from the government. It was the most stressful time in Disengagement, and the people were thirsting for a leader. He disengaged and went abroad to fund-raise for his campaign. He needs voters more than money, because nobody really trusts him.

Even if that money is paying for the nudgy phone calls from him, Ze'ev Jabotinsky (the grandson) and others, those "personal messages" can't really convince anybody that he should be Prime Minsiter. I really can't imagine anyone being impressed by them.

Bibi and I were both teens in the USA at the same time, and I'm sure he also sung along to "Money Can't Buy You Love," and I'd like to tell him that money can't buy him character either. That's what he's missing.

If he was really against Disengagement he should have actively fought it when he was in the government. The same goes for Limor Livnat, Tzachi Hanegbi and the other fakes and phonies.

I may still be a dues paying member of the Likud, which gives me the right to vote in the internal elections, but I can't see myself voting for the party in the Knesset elections. I haven't for many, many years, ever since Menachem Begin's Camp David. The party has never recovered, nor repented. They're just continuing to destroy the country.


Esther said...

Another interesting one... I do think Bibi is a good mouthpiece to the disapora but you've definitely made me question as to whether or not he should be anything more.

Batya said...

Thanks, Esther, I really appreciate knowing that people read what I write, and I'm not wasting my time.

Good Luck!