Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Why Sacrifice Amona? Letter Sent to The Jerusalem Post

I sent this letter a couple of days ago to the Jerusalem Post. Click to see how it appeared in the paper.

Prime Minister Netanyahu:
"We intend to examine the possibility of the residents being able to remain on the mountain, and even to stay as a community."
Dejavu... our Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is talking out of both sides of his mouth, with forked lips or whatever colorful ol' euphemism you'd like to use.
We've heard this before. Haven't we?
Peaceful rural Amona has seen more than its share of violence when a few years ago houses were destroyed by the government for phantom/fantasy Arab "landowners," sic.
Bibi and Naftali Bennett went head to head concerning Amona, and Bennett blinked. No great surprise. We have a government which the media loves to label as Right wing, but those of us who are truly Right believe in the primacy of Jewish rights to live in our Holy Land and want the State of Israel to be fully sovereign, not just playacting when campaigning for our votes.
Why does the same government that is planning to move the tax-paying, productive and patriotic Jewish families in Amona legalize Bedouin squatter encampments in southern Israel and other locations?
Why can't the Regulation Law include Amona?
The Leftist establishment here in Israel expected Disengagement to break us, but we are bitter, not brittle. We are like the grape vines that grow through cracks in cement. We've survived many enemies, Jews as well as non-Jews. As we prepare to celebrate the Chanukah Holiday, we are reminded of the Hellenists who tried to adopt Greek values and endanger the Jews who remained loyal to Gd and Judaism.
When will we ever learn?

Batya Medad, Shiloh

The government sent storm troopers to destroy homes in Amona in  2006.
A settler struggled with Israeli security officers in 2006, when the Israeli government razed nine homes in Amona. Residents are preparing for another clash with their government. Credit Oded Balilty/Associated Press
A woman and her children in Amona, a settler outpost in the West Bank. Residents are trying to head off an order that the settlement be dismantled by Dec. 25. Credit Uriel Sinai for The New York Times

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