Saturday, December 10, 2016

WAZE/GPS Instead of Maps can be Dangerous


Here in Israel, people have found themselves at death's door while unintentionally visiting our supposed "peace, sic, partners," because they were following  WAZE/GPS.
Three Israelis accidentally enter Ramallah
Three Israelis accidentally drove into the PA-controlled village of Ramallah on Saturday afternoon. Thereafter, they were rescued by the IDF, along with the Israeli Police and Arab Security Forces. The Arab police took them to the Focus Checkpoint, near the Israeli town of Beit El.
I do not know specifically about this case, but when the cause is publicized it is inevitably the same, even when soldiers are involved.
In October, two soldiers accidentally entered PA-controlled Dura, near Hevron, after relying on a navigation app. They were pelted with rocks, but managed to escape safely thanks to security forces' intervention. Later that month, four soldiers accidentally entered Halhul, also near Hevron, after being led there by Waze. (Arutz 7)
Due to the modern reliance on navigation apps, it's becoming extremely rare for people to look at paper maps, and they certainly don't spend time mapping out their trips in advance by looking at the roads and junctions on a map. They don't even look at road signs. They just listen to the voice of their choice (in the set-up for WAZE you can choose the sex and accent of your announcer) coming out of their smartphone.

It's bad enough that civilians aren't familiar with the area, but when soldiers also get lost because they haven't learned maps properly, then it shows how poorly they are trained to deal with real emergencies.

I'm back to teaching remedial EFL in a boys yeshiva high school, and I've told them that it's worth getting used to a dictionary instead of using an electric dictionary or google translate. I say that a dictionary is like learning directions from a may, and the electric dictionary is the WAZE that can steer you into Arab terrorists.



Anonymous said...

This is what happens when man starts to rely on technology, eventually, losing their own sense of common sense and losing their brain cells with it. Shows you the control that can be had on the masses that eventually lead them to becoming robots.

Batya said...

Very true.