Thursday, December 1, 2016

CHODESH TOV!! Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh

Today is the first day of the Jewish Month of Kislev. In just over three weeks it will be Chanukah, and the following Rosh Chodesh, Tevet, will be towards the end of the holiday in four weeks time. This morning was a perfect morning to walk around Tel Shiloh and pray at the site of the Biblical Tabernacle.

Women's Prayers at Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh
Rosh Chodesh Tevet, 5777 
Friday December 30, 2016 
1st of Tevet, 5777, 8:30am 
Hallel and Musaf for Rosh Chodesh 
Tour of Tel Shiloh 
Dvar Torah, Short Torah Lesson 

Please come and invite family, friends and neighbors. 

תפילת נשים ראש חודש טבת
בשילה הקדומה, תל שילה
יום ו' 30-12-2016
 א' טבת, תשע"ז 8:30
הלל ומוסף לראש חודש
יהיה דבר תורה קצר וסיור בתל
כדאי לבוא ולהזמין חברות, משפחה ושכנות

So, take out your Jewish Calendar, 5777, and mark the day. If you have more questions about it, please contact me with "Rosh Chodesh" as subject. Our women's dovening isn't a version of synagogue prayers. We sing Hallel out loud and then doven Musaf individually. 

Maybe because of yesterday's cleansing rain, I spotted quite a few interesting looking stones that seemed to have carvings. It was interesting, because usually I don't see anything besides stones/gravel and old pottery shards. There has been a lot of work at the Tel recently. We noticed a lot of changes. It never stays the same.

There's lots more to do at Shiloh Hakeduma besides our monthly prayers, so I suggest that you contact them and visit. For more information call 02-994-4019. They seem to have a new activity, which looks like a giant puzzle.

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