Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Shiloh, Merkaz Ha'Aretz, The Center of the Country

It really bothers me when people here in Shiloh talk of going to "the Merkaz," the "Center," meaning the Israeli coastal area, just west of us. When I look at a map of Israel, it seems so obvious that we, here in Shiloh, are in the true "Merkaz Ha'Aretz," the Center of The Land and State of Israel.

To find Shiloh, look to the east (right) of Tel Aviv

Not long ago I was traveling with a friend who lives in a different Gush Shiloh Area community. She has also been in the area for a long time, and we were talking about the changes we've noticed.
"When we first came, everyone thought of Jerusalem as the nearby city, but now everyone goes to Ariel and Petach Tikvah when they need a mall or government services." She said.
I've also noticed it. In recent years we've gotten new families in which one of the couple works or studies in Jerusalem and the other more on the coast or the Jordan Valley, which is just a few minutes from Shiloh. By car you can get to Beit Shean in about the same time as the Malcha Mall, Jerusalem. And the Hod Hasharon and Petach Tikva malls are much more convenient. Of course Ariel is just a few minutes from Shiloh, Eli, Maale Levona and the smaller communities. Honestly, who needs Jerusalem unless you are working or studying there?

Yarkon Junction
We don't have a car, and I've found it surprisingly easy to get to and from the Yarkon Junction which is the key location for buses to that whole central area. Recently, I blogged about how easily I made it home from Ra'anana on A Jewish Grandmother.

For those who need to travel on Highway 6, it's not far, either. And remember that Ariel has an excellent and rapidly growing university, which is only ten minutes from here.

So if you're looking for great friendly communities and a convenient location, and housing costs lower than in other places, give us a try. We have schools, stores, clinics and houses under construction for a fraction of the price of an apartment in Jerusalem.

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