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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Arab Terrorists Should NOT have Trials

The State of Israel should not be offering proper criminal trials to Arab terrorists. They are not redeemable criminals. And the State of Israel, my and my neighbors' tax shekels should not be used to house, entertain, educate and give the Arab terrorists food and shelter.

This may not sound like modern, Liberal, Western morality/philosophy, but I don't care.
An Arab terrorist who is caught in the act should be executed on the spot!
That's it! Save us all the time and money. Don't give them a public arena to publicize their views. The orders to the police and military and anyone rescuing innocent victims should be SHOOT TO KILL!

Arutz 7, Tapuah Junction this morning. Photo by Yitzhak Amrani

This morning there was another attempted terror attack not far from where I live, at the Tapuach Junction, just a few miles north of Shiloh, east of Ariel.  The Arab terrorist was stopped in his tracks for good!

And those who are caught alive must be given the Death Penalty. Israeli Law must be amended to consider Arab terrorists no different from the Nazis, because they are worse than the Nazis were to the Jewish People. The Nazis wanted to kill all Jews, and the Arab terrorists want that plus to destroy the State of Israel.


Anonymous said...

Yes, they are today's Nazis.

Batya said...