Monday, December 26, 2016

Honestly, Blame Israeli Policy for UN Resolution

Here in Israel and for many of our supporters all over the world there's great anger and disappointment about the recent and rushed United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israel for the "settlements" which includes all the Land liberated in the 1967 Six Days War INCLUDING JERUSALEM.

Most people when confronting something they aren't personally involved with see it all, understand it, in basic simplistic black and white. They just can't comprehend the nuances, especially the very strange ones that successive Israeli governments and Jewish groups all over the world see.


First of all, let's make it clear that the 1967 Six Days War the State of Israel battled three armies and the Iraqi Air Force not only without any allies, but severely restricted in its arms purchases because of the anti-Israel policies of many countries. It was very clear to those of us old enough to understand what was happening, that the rest of the world really wouldn't have cared if we had been defeated and washed into the sea, which was predicted/threatened by Egypt's Nasser. And please don't forget that the United Nations fully cooperated with Nasser and removed its peacekeeping forces, which were supposed to prevent a war.

Thank the Good Lord that we had one ally, Gd Almighty, who took charge, and the State of Israel defeated its enemies and within six days was suddenly a large country with easily defensible natural borders.

Defensible Borders
West Point
Israel had been geographically and militarily vulnerable when the War for Independence ended in 1949. It was clear that at some point, pretty soon, our enemies would attack in order to wipe us off the map.

So, when the proverbial dust settled in June, 1967, after the war, any normal country would have immediately annexed and declared sovereignty over every single millimeter of the land liberated and make it clear to the aggressors and the world that we would be considering all that land ours and no different from Tel Aviv. But instead, every single government since then has made all sorts of incomprehensible distinctions between the areas we held. That's how Menachem Begin blithely gave the Sinai to Egypt and in the process unprecedentedly destroyed Jewish communities and agreed for it to be Judenrein.

Even though all Israeli Governments since the 1967 ceasefire insist that East Jerusalem, including the Kotel, Western Wall, the Golan Heights and a few other locations remain under Israeli control, the world in general does not understand, nor accept all of these distinctions. For them it's all or nothing, and that is why even countries that Israel naively considers as allies had no problem voting for that Security Council resolution.

All I can say is that it's never too late, and now's the time for a total change in Israeli policy. The only thing that can save us is our annexing and declaring full Israeli Sovereignty over what we still hold. And, yes, we will have to cease our support and recognition of the P.A. Palestinian Authority.

It must be done. We have no choice if we want to survive, and Gd will only step in to save us if we do it.

Now we are celebrating Chanukah, the perfect time to rid ourselves of the modern Greeks and Hellenists in our midst. We must fight like the Maccabees of Old! And, yes, Gd willing with the Help of Gd we will be victorious. 


Shiloh said...

God is not the lottery fairy. We need to buy the ticket to win. This means we annex, and then we will have the help needed to protect ourselves. We are going down fast, God gave us the miracle of the state, the miracles of the wars, daily miracles and we still don't rely on God and take control of the Land. Are we stupid or what? Either the game is real or we need to go back to the galut.

Batya said...

Must rid ourselves of galut mentality

Shiloh said...

Now Kerry is preparing another whopper in January to declare a 'fakestinian' state. See Caroline Glick on the timeline. After seeing the applause in the UN after this last one, if presented, they will welcome it with open arms. Nothing like being prepared for the slaughter for our complete inactivity in debunking the fake nation because we are so smart that we can wiggle out of everything. Guess what, we are obviously not.

Batya said...

Latest is that Egypt double agent in kahoots with Americans. Bibi is fuming.
Fox news really good.

Shiloh said...

He is fuming so he backtracked on the East Jerusalem building. I don't believe a word he says in all honesty. Did you watch Kerry tonight, what a crock.

Batya said...

Bush had the same policy