Friday, December 30, 2016

Best Thing About Hotel... Fox News

Yes, I must say that the best thing about being in a nice warm hotel this week was getting Fox News on television. It was even better than the heat which I kept turning off. Their coverage of Israel and opinions were much better than one hears on the Israeli television news.

Re: Obama on Fox
Of course, considering all the hysteria USA versus Israel because of the Security Council Resolution and then Kerry's horrendous anti-Israel speech, it was the perfect week to watch the station.

But my favorite clip, which I can't find, was when two of Fox's model-like news "men" interviewed someone from the Democratic Party who told them his plans for returning to power.

He made it clear that the Democrats would go further Left to "show America" what's best for it, and those two women thanked him for it. Why? They tried to explain that it would just give the Republicans more seats in the Senate and Congress and more governorships, because American voters in most localities do not want the Obama/Clinton/Democratic policies.

2016 electoral map by county.
As 2016 is about to end, and on the Jewish Calendar it's the first of the Jewish Month of Tevet, Chodesh Tov, and may we all see a better year in 2017.

I wish the world well, really.

Let everyone learn to respect each other. That's stage one.


sheldan said...

The Democrats are going to go further LEFT?!

This is not the Democratic Party of FDR, JFK, or as we can say now, even WJC (that's Bill Clinton's full name, William Jefferson Clinton). Hillary was not Bill, and she would have been as leftist as Obama was.

I was concerned about a government from the right under George W. Bush (although he probably wasn't as conservative as many people thought). But I was REALLY concerned about a government from the Left, which is exactly what Obama was.

Unfortunately, it seems that at least since the 80's the Democrats haven't really had good candidates, with the possible exception of Mondale, Bill Clinton, and maybe Gore (at least the 1988 version of his candidacy). Who do the Democrats tout as their candidates? Elizabeth Warren?! Bernie Sanders?! Joe Biden (where was he when we needed him)?! Hillary Clinton?!

I'm not even sure that there are Democrats on the horizon that I could possibly support. Maybe Cory Booker or someone who's not too far to the left. But I've had a lot of trouble since 2000 finding Democrats I could feel were trustworthy to be President. So by default I've voted for Republicans (George W. Bush, McCain, Romney)--although I also felt that there were much better candidates than Trump (I voted write-in).

The last thing this country needs is for extremists (please note this works both ways) to be in power. I'm hoping that in 2020 we will have a candidate that will not be someone we would be ashamed to be President.

Batya said...

Thanks for your comment. One of Hillary's main "accomplishments" was to push back all younger opposition/talent among the Democrats and thereby keeping them out of the limelight. Let's see who manages to attract funding and publicity during the next year so they can start jockeying for the 2020 nomination.