Friday, December 18, 2015

Results of Arab Terror Can't be Wiped Away

The bus stop is right near the String Bridge, which is why
it is called by that name. It's on Herzl Blvd a short walk from
Binyanei Ha'uma Convention Center, the Central Bus Station,
major government offices, Cinema City and the Kiryat Moshe
The day after the horrible Arab terror attack at one of the most crowded, well-used bus stops on our route back home to Mateh Binyamin and Samaria (Ariel and beyond,) in addition to servicing more than a dozen other routes from all over Jerusalem, Gush Etzion and the Hebron area, which left a young toddler and others permanently maimed, I passed by it.

Before then, the Zaka volunteers and then the Jerusalem Municipality had already cleaned and repaired it so so nobody could tell that an Arab terrorist, who had all the necessary papers/certificates to enter and drive around Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and wherever he wanted, had violently rammed his car into those innocently waiting for a bus.

This genre of terror attacks is frequently fatal, like the one which injured me almost twenty years ago, and serious injuries to the legs -especially the knees- are very common, because that is where the terror car/weapon strikes first. This Arab terrorist had planned to do more than just ram into Jews; he came armed with an ax, but thank Gd there were Jews on the scene armed with guns, and they knew how to use them. By the time I passed by the next day, everything seemed "as usual."

We have been through all of this so many times before, too many, and I haven't seen any of the real policy changes that would enable us to defeat our enemies. Cement barriers by bus stops are no more than window-dressing. All Arab terrorists must be executed without trial. They aren't criminals; they are enemy combatants and we're at war! The Death Penalty is just when the enemy wants to destroy the State of Israel. And all of those international anarchist agent provocateur Leftists must be sent home. They are as dangerous as those ramming, stabbing and shooting at us.

Yotam Shmuel ben Yael, the
toddler whose leg had to be 
amputated after the Arab terrorist
attacked him.
May Gd give a refuah shleimah -complete and speedy recovery- to all of the injured, young and old.

Terror should never be excused or explained. It is immoral and unacceptable! Anyone who makes excuses for the Arab terrorists must be considered as guilty as the attackers/killers themselves.


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