Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Confusing NY Times Article Mixes Historic Sequense

I see Ancient History rather simplistically.
  • First Judaism, which started with one leader, Abraham and ended up as strong monarchies with Jerusalem as the religious and political capital. 
  • Then Christianity is invented which was an attempt to supplant/replace Judaism, which is why its bible is called the "new" sic testament, rather than just the Christian Bible. It claims to be a continuation of the Jewish Bible.
  • After that Islam is invented, and with the aim to replace both Judaism and Christianity. It adopts/stolen early Jewish History and major figures.  
This morning I saw a New York Times article which makes for confusing reading, because it fudges the simple sequence. 
Carved Stone Block Upends Assumptions About Ancient Judaism
A detail of one side of the Magdala Stone.CreditYael Yolovich/Israel Antiquities Authority

 But what makes the stone such a rare find in biblical archaeology, according to scholars, is that when it was carved, the Second Temple still stood in Jerusalem for the carver to see. The stone is a kind of ancient snapshot.
And it is upending some long-held scholarly assumptions about ancient synagogues and their relationship with the Temple, a center of Jewish pilgrimage and considered the holiest place of worship for Jews, during a crucial period, when Judaism was on the cusp of the Christian era.
Instead of admitting that the early Catholics (Christians) stole many holy artifacts from the Jewish Holy Temple in Jerusalem, it gives the impression that there's a Christian connection to the stone, via the mythical Mary. I didn't catch any reference to the crucial and indisputable fact that Christianity began after the death of Jesus, Mary etc. They lived as Jews, and many theologians are certain that they are rolling over in their graves In furious anger that a new religion, one that denigrates and denies Judaism has been invented in their names.

Even a superficial reading of the Jewish Bible will point out that places of Jewish worship existed all over the Land of Israel during Biblical times, whether sanctioned or not. The split in the Kingdom into Judea and Israel was strengthen by the building of an alternative worship at the time when there was a Jewish Holy Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

I find this paragraph just too ridiculous for words.
In contrast to the current tensions over the contested site in Jerusalem that is revered by Jews as the Temple Mount, where the ancient temples once stood, and by Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary, the Magdala project has emphasized religious harmony. The land belongs to a Roman Catholic religious order, the Legionaries of Christ, and the archaeologists who are managing the dig and who found the stone are Dina Avshalom-Gorni, an Israeli Jew, and Arfan Najar, a Muslim.
We all know that the Vatican stole land and artifacts, and that is why the stone was discovered there. I'm waiting for them to admit it and return it all to the Jewish People and the State of Israel!!


Joe in Australia said...

Batya, the stone is very unlikely to have come from the site of the Temple; the theory they're reporting is that its design was based on the Temple. It was probably on its site before the birth of Jesus, certainly long before the establishment of the Christianity in Rome, let alone the Vatican.

Batya said...

yes, thanks

in the vanguard said...

Did I misread? I thought the NYT said Magdala was in Israel.
So how do you mean "theft"? The land under the stone is a church or something?

By the way, the readability of that article was indeed a little difficult to follow,
but here you spell out clearly why that's so. They pervert and distort historical chronology.

It's as if they must report on it because it's important, but then they need to paint it to look applicable to another's religion other than the Jewish imprint of it.