Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Building and Road Improvements in Shiloh Area

One of the complaints of people who live in Mateh Binyamin (Benjamin County) where Shiloh is concerns traffic jams at Tzomet Adam (Junction.) It's a badly planned junction with a tiny contorted traffic circle, which is barely large enough for a small suburban neighborhood. It connects roads to Jerusalem, Adam, Binyamin-Shomron and Ramalla. The planners had wanted to somehow keep the Ramalla traffic a bit separate from the rest of the traffic, which just compounds the primary problems of a very small circle and not enough traffic lanes.

Besides the expected traffic jams, this setup isn't safe, because there's no way an emergency vehicle can go through.  Finally, there not only are plans to widen and fix it, but the work has begun!

Besides that there are new multifamily buildings ready in Shiloh. And more are planned.

And others have been started in various neighborhoods.

Regardless to what the world and Israeli Leftists like to think, life goes on here and bli eyin haraa is getting better and better.

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