Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Demand Civil Rights for Jews in Israel!

On the Temple Mount, we could walk but not pray.
There are two very disturbing issues going on in Israel right now. One has been going on for decades. You can probably guess that it concerns the lack of religious/civil rights for Jews to pray in the holiest place in the Jewish World, Har Habyit, the Temple Mount. And the other is much more recent. I'm writing about the cruel and inhuman methods the police used against the young men they had decided had burnt an Arab house in Duma.

Since the police couldn't find any real evidence, nor find any witnesses, they tortured and broke one of the suspects who finally agreed to say and sign anything just to make them stop.
"The sexual harassment against my client damages all that is sacred to him, his values of Torah observance and the commandments," Ben-Gvir stated, adding that his client had been sleep-deprived for an extended period of time.
"After the interrogators passed the initial stages of interrogation and my client stuck to the truth, they simply received a license to kill," he continued, adding that the interrogators may have sodomized him. "At some point four thugs entered his room, beat him, and tied him to his bed."
Torture Shrinks

"The descriptions are shocking and appalling: they tied him upside down and beat him again and again, until he screamed 'Enough! Leave me alone, let me go, I didn't do anything!'" Ben-Gvir said. "They broke him. I believe very much that there are doubts that any confession he made are usable in court. They beat him into a shadow of a person."  (Arutz 7)
They wouldn't have dared do such things to Arabs, because the Left-leaning civil rights activists would bring them to court. But they have no compunctions at all when it comes to patriots, proud Jews on the Right. The government's aim is to break them. There seems to be no difference today than when Gush Katif was destroyed, which made thousands of Jews homeless and unemployed. And then when the security forces came to destroy a few houses in Amona, the "police" had orders to make the demonstrators suffer, too. And they did, physical cruelty was rampant. Male demonstrators were beaten in their most sensitive places, and young innocent girls were grabbed indecently by men. I've heard reports of rape and definite sexual harassment.

The aim of the Left was/is to break the Right, especially the young idealists. And that is why I have no trouble believing the stories about these illegal and immoral interrogations.

This is a perversion of the old saying:
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” (Golden Rule)
In today's Israel, the "others" are treated better than we Jews are by the unjust Justice System, and that is a big moral problem!


Anonymous said...

When the top honchos of Israel don't see anything wrong about the wickedness that is being done to these young prisoners; doesn't that say it all! The situation has become dire and the people must wake up to the reality. The whole nation must stand up and demand that in the holy land of Yisrael, righteousness and justice with compassion, is the bedrock of civilization and what is happening is unacceptable and must immediately be investigated. Nothing less.

Batya said...

amen, thanks for your comment

Unknown said...

I spoke to a collaegue today about Duma. I asked, "how are you handling this?". The reply was that they are so overloaded with life that they can't even read the news in fear that they will break. I understand and feel overloaded too but if I just turn my head away I am part of this disgusting problem. What can we do? Stand with signs? This is beyond us and unless millions sit in protest for what they stand for, the signs won't do any good. We have to pray to HaShem with everything in us to finally fix this country filled with a bunch of Jews and make it a real Jewish nation. I wish there was a day and time as many as possible could stop what they are doing and pray together in unity.

CR said...

i sorta like what thejewishlibertarian has to say about the inconsistencies.

link provided.

CR said...

surprised that inhumane torture is only being addressed now.

doreen ellen bell-dotan of tzfat had been very vocal about how jewish minors have been tortured by israel. she's heaped trouble upon everybody, including herself, ever since.

link provided.

Batya said...

This isn't the first time, and it may not be the last. The reason why it is so bad this time is that the "justice" is projecting their inherent violence and they want to show the "settler right" as equivalent of Arab evil.
Since Bennet came out supporting the torture, then we must not support him anymore. I have no idea whom to vote for.

HaEmmet VeHashalom said...

The right for Jews to pray on the Temple Mount is a great cause which I support.

But why did you have to mix it in with totally unsupported accusations against our governmental security forces (the fact that some lawyer says something does not make it true - remember the old saying about how similar the words "lawyer" and "liar" are)?

People on our side pretending that Jewish terror doesn't exist will not help support the extremely justified points made by our side in the public debate in Israel!

Catriel Lev (Bet Shemesh)

Batya said...

In all honesty, I don't think that the security forces have any real evidence against those kids.