Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bad Start to the Day

First on a personal level we found ourselves san/yes without our Bezeq line which provides basic internet contact or whatever you call it.
yep, there are worse things, like no electricity and no water
Grrr... More Internet Woes
Scene of attempted stabbing attack at Gush Etzion Junction. (photo credit:MICHAEL HAREL)

And then when I finally was able to get some internet and see the news, I discovered that although it's Tuesday, the "third day" which is known in Judaism as a "lucky day," פעמיים כי טוב pa'amayim ki tov, twice "it's good" from the Biblical Creation of the World,  there had already been at least three terror attacks on innocent Jews in Israel.  Even though now it is being said that the "third" wasn't, but two are still too many!! And the day is yet young.
Attempted stabbing attack at Gush Etzion junction
Stabbing in Jerusalem, 1 injured
I must go out for a bit and will Gd willing return for my usual commentary.

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