Sunday, May 10, 2015

Will New Likud Government Fulfill the Right Promise or Be Another Leftist-Center Disaster?

So deja vu...

Only the Likud can so consistently disappoint its voters and not disappear from the Israeli political scene. From the time in 1977 when Menachem Begin shocked the polls and media by jumping out of the opposition into the Prime Minister's seat and then instead of offering the strong Right patriotic pro-Land of Israel for Jews policies he had been elected to do, there has never been a Likud Government that didn't disappoint its voters.

Only the Likud has destroyed Jewish communities and towns and schools and given our precious Land to our Arab enemies. Davka, it was the Leftist Labor Party that has done any better for us in many ways.

Likud leaders talk the talk, but the truth is that when it comes to policy, they are the most destructive in the History of the State of Israel.

  • Who gave the Sinai to Egypt and destroyed Yamit, Ofira and the agricultural communities there?
  • Who declared Disengagement making Gush Katif and part of Northern Samaria judenrein and ruled by Hamas?

Labor supported these terrible policies, but they were the initiatives of Likud!!

Evacuation and destruction of Sinai, Sadot,  1982
Neve Dekalim Synagogue after Disengagement

Now with the hardliner secular Ayelet Shaked, of Jewish Home (formerly National Religious Party,) as incoming Justice Minister people all over are expecting her to legalize controversial housing, neighborhoods and communities and approve all sorts of building permits that have been frozen for years. That's what we're hoping for and praying for. We'd like Jewish Israeli SOVEREIGNTY on all of the Land of Israel! That's the only way we'll have security.

Honestly, I'm jaded and cynical. I've been disappointed too many times. I really don't doubt that Shaken will attempt to correct all the wrong she can, but I have this nagging feeling that Netanyahu will do his usual hand-tying of his coalition partners. Bibi runs a tight ship, especially when it comes to disciplining those on the Right.

Prime Minister Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu has not yet presented us with his complete cabinet. He is trying to get a new law passed to allow him even more ministers than ever before to try to satisfy the demands of his sixty-one 61 MKs. Rumors still abound that he is hoping to expand his minimal coalition with the addition of some more Leftist MKs or parties.

Considering how little I trust Moshe Kahlon and Aryeh Deri to show coalition loyalty, things should be very rocky for Bibi this time around.


Anonymous said...

Not exactly - Sharon tried to push the Disengagement down our throats as a Likudnik, but his OWN PARTY, yes, the Likud, didn't allow that & he had to bolt the Likud for Kadima! Let's be a little bit fair here!

-- Yitz

Anonymous said...

"Failing to gain public support from senior ministers, Sharon agreed that the Likud party would hold a referendum on the plan in advance of a vote by the Israeli Cabinet. The referendum was held on May 2, 2004 and ended with 65% of the voters against the disengagement plan...Commentators and the press described the rejection of the plan as a blow to Sharon..."
"Sharon's pushing through this plan alienated many of his supporters on the right and garnered him unusual support from the left-wing in Israel. The right believes that Sharon ignored the mandate he had been elected on, and instead adopted the platform of his Labor opponent..."
"Many on both sides remained skeptical of his will to carry out a withdrawal beyond Gaza and the northern West Bank. Sharon had a majority for the plan in the government but not within his own party. This forced him to seek a National Unity government, which was established in January 2005. Opponents of the plan, and some ministers, such as Benjamin Netanyahu and former minister Natan Sharansky, called on Sharon to hold a national referendum to prove that he had a mandate, which he refused to do."

-- Yitz, quoting Wikipedia

Batya said...

Yitz yes I see a big difference with Likud leadership and the lower echelons. Still Sharon was Likud leader when he made that horrix evil plan. Nobody coild stop it.