Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pope Francis Proves He Doesn't Know a Sinner from a Saint (Revised)

There are a lot of people, including non-Catholics, who think that Pope Francis is a good man to be pope at this time. But if the Vatican's recognition of "Palestine as a state" wasn't bad enough, his calling Abbas "Angel of Peace*" should convince them that this Pope Francis wouldn't know a sinner from a saint.
Pope Francis welcomes Palestinian authority President Mahmud Abbas during a private audience at the Vatican on May 16, 2015 (AFP Photo/Alberto Pizzoli)
Vatican City (AFP) - Pope Francis met Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas on Saturday, calling him "an angel of peace," days after the Vatican said it was preparing to sign its first accord with Palestine to the anger of Israel. (Yahoo)
*It is now being said by linguists who read the original Italian of Pope Francis that he said something different. He did not say that Abbas is presently "an angel of peace," but that he should act in a way that would make him one. One shouldn't ignore that in a previous meeting between the pope and Abbas, the pope did call Abbas a "man of peace." Considering the recognition of "Palestine," the increase in Arab terrorism and Abbas's financial support for terrorists and their families, I'd say that this correction is just a technicality. It does not change the fact that Abbas is very far from being a "man of peace," too. So, my point still holds that Pope Francis's sympathies lie very far from Israel and Jewish Rights. 

This new pope is a throwback to Pope Pius XII, who is notorious for his ignoring the persecution and systematic murdering of Jews during the Holocaust.
Within the Pope's own church, Cardinal Theodor Innitzer of Vienna told Pius XII about Jewish deportations in 1941. In 1942, the Slovakian charge d'affaires, a position under the supervision of the Pope, reported to Romethat Slovakian Jews were being systematically deported and sent to death camps.(6)
In October 1941, the Assistant Chief of the U.S. delegation to the Vatican, Harold Tittman, asked the Pope to condemn the atrocities. The response came that the Holy See wanted to remain "neutral," and that condemning the atrocities would have a negative influence on Catholics in German-held lands.(7)
In late August 1942, after more than 200,000 Ukrainian Jews had been killed, Ukrainian Metropolitan Andrej Septyckyj wrote a long letter to the Pope, referring to the German government as a regime of terror and corruption, more diabolical than that of the Bolsheviks. The Pope replied by quoting verses from Psalms and advising Septyckyj to "bear adversity with serene patience."(8)  (Jewish Virtual Library)
And don't forget that the few Jews, mostly children, who did find refuge in church-run institutions were subject to pressure to convert to Catholicism. Many children had no idea that they were actually Jewish and to this day are lost to their Jewish People.

Whatever improvements Pope John II had made with the Jewish People and Israel have been totally wiped out by Pope Francis!


Anonymous said...

Good week to you Batya,

not only does he call sinners,angels of peace,

he has also told his people get ready to be matyred !!

Batya said...

a, could you give a source, please?

Anonymous said...

While I'm not a big fan of any Xian leader, we should be careful about condemning him here, especially in light of the latter part of the Jewish Press/Liberty Unyielding article [here is only one part]: "An acquaintance sent me the link to a Spanish-language Zenit article on the Abbas visit, whose wording mirrors the sense of the Italian story. The Zenit piece contains an additional piece of information as well: Pope Francis reportedly gave Abbas a copy of his 2013 encyclical Evangelii Gaudium. One of the things that encyclical was most especially noted for was its positive, affirming statement on the relation of the Church with Judaism and the Jewish people."

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Shalom Batya,

Good week to you.
I just came back to your site again and you and here is the resource of the martyrdom one:
Read the comments there.

And the angel of peace :

Lots of other places too that give the same news.
Shalom shalom.

Batya said...

thank you

goyisherebbe said...

The mainstream media all made the error you did. See

Batya said...

Goyish I got it from them. Then I revised the post.