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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Combined Havel Havelim (Post-Shavuot) and Kosher Cooking Carnival, Sivan

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Shavua Tov, everyone, have a wonderful week!! It seems like it's getting harder and harder to find hosts for the blog carnivals Havel Havelim and Kosher Cooking Carnival. So, yet again, I'm hosting a double, a combined one. Also, I don't get the reactions I used to get. Is it worth continuing?

Nowadays, a lot of blogging is not on personal/private blogs like mine. Many news media sites have what they call "blogs,' and it's not all that difficult to get "blogging rights." I blog on "mainstream media" with the same posts I write here. These blog carnivals were popular when we bloggers had to do our own publicity, but now the bloggers are either very popular and professional with ads or they are on other larger sites. How many of us still maintain blogs like mine? Soccer Dad, who had founded Havel Havelim hasn't blogged for years, and so many of the blogs from the heyday of blog carnivals just don't exist anymore. And if they do, there is no longer the feeling of great camaraderie that there once was. I'd really appreciate some feedback and shares.

The internet sites that were once so helpful in being the conduit between the bloggers and hosts have all closed shop, so now we use facebook pages to coordinate hosting and announce the carnivals. Havel Havelim is here/click, and the Kosher Cooking carnival here/click.

I'm going to give a mix of posts for the two Jewish blog carnivals, some were sent to me, others not. If you did send me a link and it isn't included, just email me with the link, and I'll add it. Next week's Havel Havelim is hosted by Tzivia http://aliyahland.com submit to tzivia@aliyahland.com before Shabbat with a one-line description of your post. And the next Kosher Cooking Carnival, Tammuz, will be mine on me-ander, unless a volunteer steps up to take it. Please send me your links, with a short blurb to shilohmuse@gmail.com by  June 15. Remember that KCC is not just a kosher recipe carnival. It includes all aspects of kosher food, including also halachik (Jewish Law,) customs and reviews of cookbooks and restaurants, kosher of course.

On with the show, and please don't forget that...
You don't have to be a blogger to read, comment and share blog carnivals!!

More than Heat in Jerusalem from RJS
Impure Prophecies, Ben-Tzion Spitz
Amazing Jewish Calendar vs "Goyish" Calendar Coincidences
Itzchak, RAV KOOK ON YERUSHALAYIM-In Honor of Jerusalem Day
Why I Don't Vote Likud: Bibi's Support of Palestinian State
Yocheved I'm Where I Need to Be, I Just Didn't Know it
My Easy "One Pot" Salmon and Veggies
Tzivia, The other half of Israel: do religious Jews hate Arabs? Visiting a synagogue for the very first time? 5 things you MUST know. and Jews and Jobs: MAMALAND REVIEW of Can I Wear My Kippah on Job Interviews?: Career Guidance for Sabbath Observant Jewish Professionals, by Lavie and Rachel Margolin
Birding in Eilat, Part 1 – incredible!
I tried out the New Dairy Restaurant on the Corner of Emek Refaim and Rachel Imanu
An important reason to Study Arabic Here in Israel
Chaviva A Plus-Size Confession from an Israeli Fatty
A Soldier's Mother  Yo, Frank...did you hear about the rockets fired at Israel yesterday? Friday Morning in Israel
Enjoying the Bible online Jethro Tells Moses to Get Help Serving the Children of Israel
Drew Questions, Notes, and Comments Regarding the 12,000 Pairs of Students of Rabbi Akiva who died 19 Centuries Ago [Talmud Tuesday]
For those who love dairy, from Tzivia We be (Gulab) Jamun… an out-of-the-ordinary dairy dessert for Shavuos / Shavuot
Pragmatic Attic cookbook review The Silver Platter
Sussman's b'Aretz My Imperfect Cup Runneth Over
Not quite what we had been expecting "Land for Peace" Debate Between Rabbi Riskin and Caroline Glick
Doug Two new beers on the Israeli market (for now)
Esser Agaroth The Plight of the Israeli Arabs of Yaffo
Reesa A Post-Shavuot Thought
Ester Another Memory From the Six Day War** In Honor of Shavuot
Lost Kitchen Beautiful Burden
Caught History for 52 Frames
Yeranen Yaakov Interesting Recent Links - Beha'alotcha 5775 - Day 1
Jewish Israel JewishIsrael Expands its Guidelines to Interfaith Relations with the Christian World

And that's it for this week. I'd really appreciate hearing from you, and of course read, comment and share this blog carnival and the posts included, as many as you can. Enjoy!!


A Soldier's Mother said...

Thanks for including my post [Yo Frank...did you hear about the rockets]...interestingly enough, Frank responded.

(slight correction - A Soldier's Mother, not A Mother in Israel...though I guess I'm that too :-) )

Doug Greener said...

Thank you, Batya.

Batya said...

Paula I'll fix it.
Doug my pleasure.

Marcia Goldlist said...

Thanks for adding my blog!
If this forum isn't getting the attention that you did before,
maybe it is worth trying to blog on Times of Israel or some other similar site that allows blogs.

Batya said...

Marcia, I had a bad experience on Times of Israel, and they don't give equal play. I also blog on A7, Jpost and the Jewish Press takes a lot of my posts. The message gets out, B"H.

Laura said...

Thank you for including my post. Great round-up!

Batya said...

Laura, my pleasure, thanks.