Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jewish Morality and the "Two State Solution"

Honestly, I think that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's greatest and most tragic mistake is his declared support for the so-called "Two State Solution." By doing so he has opened a deep cavernous pit of a Pandora's Box which endangers the continued existance of the State of Israel and takes what was once the policy of the Extreme Left and puts it Center-Right.

Now, our enemies have an easy tool to use against us with the official approval of the Likud Prime Minister. Obama: 'Difficult path’ toward Palestinian statehood. United States President Barack Hussein Obama is no friend of Israel but he's a passionate supporter of the Arab terrorists who are slated to administer such a country if it G-d forbid comes into being.

This week I was interviewed for an educational program (I will reveal more when the program is released to the public) about how such a scenario would impact on my life in Shiloh. The person in charge wanted his audience to hear from a woman and told me to try to give a personal, rather than political slant.

The institute putting this program together stresses what they consider "Jewish Morality," so I began by questioning the definition of Jewish Morality. Simply put, I disagree completely with their interpretation. Like too many Jews and Jewish organizations, this one embraces the idea that Jewish Morality means caring more for strangers/non-Jews than ourselves. They claim that this is a Jewish precept, and they strongly fanatically identify with what they see as "Palestinian nationalism" sic which they consider their responsibility to bring to fruition.

They unquestioningly support the "Two State Solution" and consider it sacrilegious to do otherwise. So my aim was to try to poke major holes in their basic belief.

Jewish Morality

I reminded them of the Talmudic Law which tells us that if we are in the desert with another person and have just one bottle of water which could save only one person, and both of us would die if we shared it, our instructions are very simple. The water is to be drunk only by us. We are commanded to save our life, yes, even at the expense of another person's death. This and this only is Jewish Morality! We are not to endanger our life for the life of any other!!! 

That means that it is against Jewish Law to "sacrifice for peace!"

All who recommend "sacrifices for peace" contradict Jewish Morality!

Another example to try to explain this is the story of King Solomon's Wisdom and the Two Mothers:
Two women gave birth at the same time. One had a live baby and the other's died. They fought over the live baby, each claiming that it was theirs. King Solomon suggested compromise. He would take the living baby and divide it in half, giving each woman half a baby. One woman accepted the compromise and the other refused, because she said that dividing the baby would kill it.
King Solomon then decreed that the second woman was the true mother, because she cared for the living baby and knew that dividing it would cause death.
The Land of Israel is a living being, and dividing it would destroy its present society. I have no doubt that G-d would not save the State of Israel if we do something so suicidal. Jewish History is full of cycles of destruction and exile. It would just happen again, and Redemption and the Messiah would be delayed.

The Jewish Morality in giving our enemies a state in our historic Biblical Homeland is as Jewish as Pinocchio's "Honest John" is honest.


Shiloh said...

You see Batya, the game is rigged by the Talmudists. If God in our days identified publically the person of His choice, the Talmudists would then analyse it, decide that since it does not match their traditions of men, they would actually ignore that decision and God. So you see Batya, there is a reason for our troubles, but as a dog returns to his vomit does a fool return to his foolishness. We ignore God, and actually spit in His face by what we are doing now.

Batya said...

I spoke very plainly. What are you trying to say? The Talmud is Judaism for This World.

Anonymous said...

He's trying to say something about jesus I think

Batya said...

a, I had that feeling, but he knows that he'd be deleted if he did. The Talmud is legit Jewish, and the historic Jewish Jesus is probably furious that people made a new religion denying Judaism and claiming it was his.

Shiloh said...

Anon, where did I mention him and where did I refer to him? You have an evil imagination. Batya, you are sort of correct, true that he would be furious in this Pauline Gentile Christianity invented by a pharisaic rabbi named Shaul. But what he might be more furious over is the evil loshon hara against him and his actual followers who were the opposition sadducean sect, not the pharisaic sect. Anyways, I spoke of in our day. Oh, I know, its beyond belief is could happen even though we teach and 'believe' it.

Netivotgirl said...

Reading this excellent post reminded me of the Jews who helped fight the Civil Rights movement in the '60's. Later on the NAACP turned around and viciously slammed the Jews with virulent anti-Semitism. Today's liberal Jews embrace the 2 State Solution and the 'Palestinians' ( if there were such a thing...) and some day they will get a very rude awakening. I hope that it will not be at the expense of Am Yisrael who reside in Eretz Ha'kodesh!

Batya said...

Netivotgirl, thank you, excellent point. This is what happens when we worry about others rather than ourselves.

Unknown said...

Wonderful article. My colleague and fellow journalist, Adina Kutnicki, whom I have interviewed many times for major American media, said, "Democracy for Israel is not a suicide pact."

While I am a Torah Jew, I agree with your feeling about the two state solution. It is intended to destroy our tiny Jewish state. What infuriates me the most is no one in the world body or the UN has any issue with the existence of 57 Islamic Nations, but one Jewish nation is called vile racism. No one has anyone issue with the fact that Britain and France established nine Arab Muslim nations, 7 of which never existed in their modern form or at all, at the same time Israel was REESTABLISHED, but they condemn the existence of Israel on a patch of land the size of New Jersey.

The reason is simple. The world has declared never ending war on the Jewish people and our religion. They will never leave us in peace until we are all dead or G*d intervenes. I believe in Ha'shem and while the haters of the Jewish people will all die horribly at his hand, I have no pity for Jew haters who want to commit genocide.

Batya said...

Wolf, the antisemitism, and yes it is antisemitism is worse than you're saying. Nobody protested the Holocaust either.

DACON9 said...

shiloh you post:
If God in our days identified publically the person of His choice"
This is the prime example of your xtianity and JUDAISM.
G-D gave mankind the rules,
1st and 2nd commandment.
your man of flesh disobeyed the rules,xtianity disobeyd the rules.
since it does not match their traditions of men..
This is your xtian eyes, your twist of word and mind games.
The talmudists did not look to match the tradition of 'men' BUT TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THE 'ONE G-D' ASKS OF HIS CHILDREN.

THE ENTIRE WORLD OF XTIANITY LACKS THE SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING AND MEANING OF TORAH including the middle ages converts, that is why they converted, we all have ignoramuses and perhaps they were not of pure JEWISH lineage.

SHILOH, IF just 'IF" your manof flesh performed all that your churches claimed,,,,then
WHY DIDNT ALL OF THE JEWS according to roman census,
4 million, NOT FOLLOW YOUR deadmanofflesh
Every Rabbi never had a thought of your mangodofflesh.
Not the great aseembly Not the sanhedrim Not the prophets.